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Black Energy Movement

Black energy movement is thought of a consequence of the movement for civil rights. It is a culmination of numerous ideologies which provides it a political which means, mainly by way of African Americans in United States. It wasn’t began as such, but was a reaction to give an identity to the individuals of African origin. No doubt it is a political theory, but it is thought of mainly a idea and an accumulation of numerous suggestions by way of which black individuals would fight against racial oppression. The separatism theory was a component of it but the principal motto was to arouse racial pride, which at some point lead to the creation of black social and political institutions rendering cultural interests.

Richard Wright is credited for the usage of the theory in his book titled ‘Black Power’ which had some exciting testimonials and was the base of several social and political ideologies. The idea gained recognition by way of the renowned ‘March Against Fear’ in 1966. There have been some variations in ideologies which resulted in two groups getting formed, one particular who marched with Martin Luther King, Jr (their slogan getting ‘freedom now’) and the rest who aligned with Stokely Carmichael. The latter had a diverse slogan referred to as ‘black power’ in the course of the march.

Kwame Ture (earlier identified as Stokely Carmichael ) and Mukasa Dada (Willie Ricks) are thought of pioneers by way of their efforts resulting in the formation of Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). SNCC was identified to be an extremist organization which was outspoken sufficient to criticize the non violent approaches of confronting inequality and racism in certain.

There have been several Black Energy advocates who did not favor the idea of black separatism and Black Nationalism, prominent amongst them have been Bayard Rustin and Bobby Seale. Bobby Seale was of the opinion that the black energy movement was like a struggle against class and not against race. His thoughts are covered is his book, ‘ Seize the Time’ which blames financial exploitation for the oppression of the black individuals in United States of America. Bayard Rustin believed that the black energy struggle diverted from a meaningful debate to a mere struggle for energy.

Nevertheless, it is thought of that the fight was not against any neighborhood or race it was a struggle against policies and individuals in energy, additional so a combined movement against the government.

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