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Florida Divorce Law

Representing your self in a Florida divorce is doable if you have right information and facts about your rights, the law and court procedures. You require to get it appropriate the 1st time. Altering a Final Judgment is not normally doable. If you make a error it can expense thousands of dollars for attorney’s charges to repair it. This report will supply you with information and facts about your house rights in a Florida divorce.

If you never educate your self about your rights, you could agree to accept considerably much less than what you are entitled to. 1 current divorce forum had this posting:

When I got divorced I did not fight for his business enterprise. He tends to make $200k/yr and I’ve been a remain at house mom. I had a premarital IRA but I cashed it in when his business enterprise required cash. Now I get 2k/mo alimony but I want to get a home and never have sufficient cash. An individual told me that if I have my boyfriend move it, I will shed my alimony. Aid!

By not like the worth of the marital business enterprise in Equitable Distribution, this lady shortchanged herself and her kids. Now she’s in distress. Do not let that take place to you.

Is There a Formula for Equitable Distribution?

“Equitable Distribution,” Florida’s house division method, begins with a 50/50 split of marital assets and debts, but in some conditions an equal split may possibly not be fair or equitable. There is no set formula for unequal splits. For instance, 1 of you may possibly make a decision to take extra of the assets along with the loans on these assets simply because you can afford to do so. Unequal splits are uncommon when situations go to trial.

Florida courts have ordered unequal splits when

  • 1 spouse is disabled and the other is employed
  • 1 spouse is required to care for a disabled kid
  • 1 spouse spoke tiny English, had no formal education and by no means worked
  • 1 spouse hasn’t worked for years, the other is nearing retirement

As you can see, the conditions for unequal distribution are not standard conditions. Due to the fact Florida law begins with a 50/50 split of “marital assets and marital debts” and unequal splits are uncommon, most couples will use the 50/50 formula.

What is “Marital?”

Marital house” or “marital assets” include things like something you spent cash on in the course of the marriage and nonetheless have – items like homes, vehicles, boats, televisions, dishes. Your “stuff” is referred to as private house. If you personal house/home/dirt, it is referred to as “genuine house.”

Marital debts” or “marital liabilities,” like marital assets, are the loans you signed for in the course of the marriage – items like mortgages, student loans, credit cards. With a couple of exceptions, anything you get or borrow is “marital” from the time you stated “I do,” till you sign a Marital Settlement Agreement or file the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, whichever comes 1st.

If house is titled only in 1 spouse’s name, it may possibly nonetheless be marital house if bought with marital cash. For instance, some couples each and every have a auto in person names. If these vehicles had been purchased/leased in the course of the marriage, they are “marital assets.” Even some non-marital assets can turn into marital as discussed beneath. The forum writer missed this chance in her case.

Action Ideas:

Your 1st step is to list all your marital house on a chart. Show its existing worth, what and who you owe for it. Make a column to show who is on the title or deed and an additional to show which of you will obtain each and every 1 in the divorce. This is time consuming but it will give you all the information and facts you require for the Economic Affidavit and your trial or your Marital Settlement Agreement.


When creating your chart, if you personal genuine house, have credit card debt or other recorded loans, have any joint house, you require to list all your house (include things like all the owners) and all your debts with some identifying information and facts for them. With issues more than identity theft, show only the final four digits of your loan and account numbers in the Economic Affidavit or Marital Settlement Agreement. For the genuine house, give the address and the total legal description from your deed on a sheet labeled with your name and case quantity, if you have 1 currently.

Non-Marital Signifies It is Mine, Ideal?

Effectively, perhaps. Non-marital assets and liabilities belong only to 1 of you and are not divided in the Equitable Distribution method. There are 5 categories of non-marital assets/liabilities below Florida law:

  1. Assets or liabilities you had prior to the marriage.
  2. Inheritances and other gifts, even in the course of the marriage.
  3. Any earnings received from non-marital gifts unless you relied on or made use of that earnings as a marital asset.
  4. Assets defined as non-marital in a written agreement (pre nuptial or post nuptial agreement)
  5. A liability obtained by forgery of 1 spouse’s name by the other spouse. The forging spouse is accountable for that liability.

In deciding Equitable Distribution, a court will only contemplate “marital” assets and liabilities. Non-marital assets come into play mainly with alimony determinations.

Be cautious. “Non-marital” can turn into “marital.” When you have non-marital assets/liabilities but mix them with marital assets, by depositing your inheritance verify into a joint marital account for instance, you may possibly have “co-mingled” these assets so that they are not thought of non-marital any longer. The forum writer changed her non-marital retirement account into a marital asset when she made use of it in the loved ones business enterprise.

A further non-marital/marital difficulty can arise when you have made use of your non-marital asset to produce cash in the course of the marriage. For instance, you owned a home with a mortgage prior to you got married. When married, you made use of you paycheck to spend the taxes and some of the mortgage. When you rented the home just after your marriage, you deposited the rent payments into a joint marital account. There is a particular formula for providing you credit for your original investment. This location can be a minefield and you will want some qualified guidance if the two of you cannot make a decision on a fair way to divide co-mingled house.

It is doable to represent your self in a Florida divorce. To be confident that the marital house and debt are divided pretty, you require to know what house is “marital” and what its worth is. Creating a chart of all your house will support you in the Florida divorce method and will make calculating the equitable distribution or house division less complicated.

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